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300 Click for offerSEC v. Musk by jonathan_skillings on Scribd Love this deal. Love it. Bought it. Now to schedule our next game night. Anybody want to come over? 😉

Mike Dolan, a lawyer for Mr. Witherspoon, said that his client had gotten into a verbal disagreement at the gas station, but that was all. Some fans asked Curiosity about the widespread belief that the rover sings "happy birthday" to itself every year, but it turns out that's not quite right. "Did you stop and play happy birthday today?" asked one Twitter user. "(It's) moving to imagine Curiosity alone on Mars with happy birthday playing on a distant planet."


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKETo broaden its base, the company plans to rent larger apartments for families and offer additional lease options. While it is standard to give one- or two-year leases, it will offer up to 10-year leases to residents, with 3 to 5 percent annual rent increases. It is also working on a “Venn-to-buy” model, in which renters can build equity and eventually buy their spaces. But details about this were scarce. June's creators have also started a recipe subscription service that costs .99 a month. With the subscription you can access a collection of recipes created specifically for the June oven that included pictures of ingredients and videos of each step.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYRod Laver, widely considered the greatest Australian men’s player in history, also suggested this month that a suspension was the right option. Instead of a grim dystopia, it's a smart representation of the seductiveness of even worrying technology. "If you go out in the street right now, everyone's looking at a device. All I've done is improve the device," smiles the softly spoken writer and director.

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Mr. Madiraju, 29, is a litigation associate in the Manhattan office of Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, a San Francisco law firm. He graduated and received a master’s degree in bioresource engineering from McGill University in Montreal. 1. An ethics review structure that includes rank and file employee representatives;

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You still write each week — a dance column for Arts Journal. What keeps you working? Then there are the legal issues. The history of Marvel is a tangle of legal rights for films, toys and other spin-offs being farmed out to other companies -- frequently followed by decades spent trying to claw them back.

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But when he moved to New York in 2013, he found that few people felt the same way. In a city that has no less than five Quidditch teams and a competitive musical chairs tournament, almost no one seemed interested in his passion. There's also a practical reason Mertan offers for talking to folks -- double checking you're in the correct line. Better to ask than end up waiting for the wrong panel.

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With physical photos, she recommends applying the same level of intention as with every other category in the home. When looking at similar photos taken at the same sitting, she says, choose the photo that sparks the most joy and toss the others. Ms. Kondo encourages her clients to put photos into an album that can be displayed and enjoyed. In places where AT&T and Verizon don't offer their high-speed fiber-based broadband, they continue to sell customers slower-speed DSL service. But recently, the companies have been eliminating lower-tier plans, which has resulted in higher prices for the base cost of service. But in areas where the networks haven't been upgraded, like rural regions of the country or low-income urban markets, this means customers are paying more for slower service.

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